Our production is divided into three parts: The patisserie, a medium production for smaller quantities of desserts and cakes and the production line for larger quantities of desserts. Our employees, several of whom hold the title of master confectioner, work in two shifts. In our patisserie, up to 5,000 pasticcini and cakes are produced per shift. In the middle section, up to 8,000 desserts are prepared in glass, paper or plastic. On our production line, up to 20,000 desserts are produced by hand per shift.

We currently have five trainees in our team. During the three years of training our protégés learn everything about the confectionery trade. From the daily production of pasticcini for our Café Alba to large-scale production for various food manufacturers and franchise companies - our trainees learn all the necessary basics and techniques in every area. One day a week they can work on their own, get creative and create their own products with the support of the master confectioners. We are happy to expand our team every year with motivated and interested young people.

Since 2017, our company has been certified to IFS Global Markets - Food (Higher Level). While being a handicraft business, we meet a high standard of food safety.

"Our philosophy is: Handmade desserts of the highest quality with natural and sustainable ingredients, without preservatives or flavour enhancers.“

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